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Huawei ICT Academy

Free introductory courses offered via the Huawei ICT Academy platform

New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data are reshaping enterprise IT systems and business models thus challenging businesses and their employees. As these ICT challenges grow so will the requirement for ICT related job skills grow as well. The Huawei ICT Academy is offering a number of introductory courses in these new technology areas to help with this challenge. These are not industry or academically certified courses but you will receive a certificate from Huawei once completed. The introductory courses are ideal for any individual who is either looking to complete some low level ICT training to help with their own personal career development by expanding their ICT knowledge or someone looking to test the water before committing to signing up to a formal long term course through a training or academic organisation. All of the introductory courses are accessed via the Huawei ICT Academy website, are short duration courses and all can be completed online at your own pace. All introductory courses are 100% and there is no limit on how many introductory courses you can take.

Free Introductory Courses

Currently, there are 10 free introductory courses offered via the Huawei ICT Academy platform with more being added all the time. A link to each is below. Please click on as many as you want to explore if one or more of these courses are right for you.