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Finance and Business Services

Facts & Figures

69,000+ jobs in finance and business services
5,000+ registered businesses
£3.9bn of GVA in Cheshire & Warrington

Financial and Business Services accounts for one fifth of Cheshire and Warrington’s economy, and just under 15% of employment, covering a range of activities including banking, credit provision, insurance and pension funding, wealth management, legal and accounting, and involves many high profile global brands.

Are you a naturally good fit for working in financial and business services?

Effective communication skills Have an ability to communicate clearly with team members and clients from all backgrounds, as well as follow and deliver instruction
Software skills No matter where you work, you will need to be proficient with computer software and able to pick up new programs related to your job quickly
Customer service skills Active listening; attentiveness; conflict resolution; empathy; patience; friendliness
Organised and detail-oriented Managing a varied workload across multiple projects and deadlines requires careful planning
Self-management Managing yourself and your time productively

The video below provides an overview of the day in the life of Anja - a finance manager at Concert Networks. 

Local Finance and Business Services Jobs (these are a selection of jobs - click on 'View more jobs' for more)

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These are some of the companies in Cheshire & Warrington in finance and business services 

Local Finance and Business Services Apprenticeships

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Financial and Business Services Learning Opportunities

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