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Digital and Technology

Facts & Figures

21,334 jobs in digital and technology in Cheshire and Warrington
3,637 digital and tech companies in Cheshire & Warrington
29% more pay for roles requiring digital skills

There are many different roles in the Digital and Technology sector and many digital skills are transferable to a range of different sectors. Technology now impacts most areas of life and this creates opportunities in a variety of roles across all sectors.

The Digital Tech sector includes a combination of industries working with digital media and digital technology, these include but are not limited to:

  • Manufacturing
  • Service industries
  • Technology and software as a service (SAAS)
  • Television, radio programming, broadcasting activities and music and film production

Are you a naturally good fit for working in digital and technology?

Problem solving The ability to define or identify problems and generate solutions is a key requirement in digital roles
Team working In technology roles, you will often be working as part of a team
Organisation skills Planning and organisational skills are essential for managing work and meetings deadlines

The video below provides an overview of the day in the life of Tom - a product design assistant at DriveWorks. 

Digital and Technology Jobs

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These are some of the companies in Cheshire & Warrington operating in digital and technology

Local Digital and Technology Apprenticeships

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Digital and Technology Learning Opportunities

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