If you are aged over 50 and looking for work this resource can support you in finding work, apprenticeships, updating your skills and providing general advice and information.

Key Facts

36 % of 50-69 year-olds feel at a disadvantage applying for jobs due to their age
1 million over 50s are actively seeking work
91% of older workers survey still wish to progress in their career
Over 50% of working age adults will be over 50 by 2035


The advice in this section is a great way to take the time to plan your work-life, wellbeing and finances more actively, helping you make choices that will ensure the future and retirement is how you planned.

Many of us are working and living longer the free services on offer here can really help to invest in yourself and prepare for what the future holds.

At some stages in your working life, you could be at risk of losing your job unexpectedly, including through redundancy. Additionally, health problems and caring responsibilities disproportionately affect people over 50. Once out of work, it can be difficult to return.

Many people underestimate what they will need in later life. Planning ahead can boost your resilience in crucial areas. By asking yourself the following questions you can plan for the future:

By 2035, the number of individuals aged 50 years and over at working age is projected to increase to 50% percent of the adult population, this means employers are now looking for those over 50 to help fill their roles. The government has introduced The DWP 50PLUS Choices Offer the objective being “To enable those aged 50 and over, through early and targeted employment, skills and employer led support to stay in, progress or return to work and to build their future financial resilience and wellbeing”.

By 2035 over 50% of working age adults will be over 50