Facts & Figures

21,717 jobs in digital and technology in Cheshire and Warrington
3,200 digital and tech companies in Cheshire & Warrington
£17k more pay for roles requiring digital skills

There are many different roles in the Digital and Technology sector and many digital skills are transferable to a range of different sectors. Technology now impacts most areas of life and this creates opportunities in a variety of roles across all sectors.

The Digital Tech sector includes a combination of industries working with digital media and digital technology, these include but are not limited to:

  • Manufacturing
  • Service industries
  • Technology and software as a service (SAAS)
  • Television, radio programming, broadcasting activities and music and film production

Digital roles are not only in the digital sector, there are many different roles in a wide range of sectors that require digital skills.  There are also non-technical roles in companies that are in the digital tech sector, for example if you work in HR or finance you may be using software to enhance business performance and processes.

Digital agency work is becoming more popular, so there are opportunities to try work for different organisations and in different sectors, as well as applying to specific companies.

Demand for digital

£37,500 average salary for digital roles in Cheshire and Warrington
95% businesses expect their digital skills needs to grow
2/3rds companies report they have digital skills vacancies

Are you a naturally good fit for working in digital and technology?

Problem solving The ability to define or identify problems and generate solutions is a key requirement in digital roles
Team working In technology roles, you will often be working as part of a team
Organisation skills Planning and organisational skills are essential for managing work and meetings deadlines

The video below provides an overview of the day in the life of Tom - a product design assistant at DriveWorks. 

Many digital skills are transferable to a range of different sectors.

Digital skills can be defined as:

Essential Digital Skills for Life and Work -The Essential Digital Skills Framework defines the skills needed to safely benefit from, participate in and contribute to the digital world of today and the future. These include communicating, handling information and content, transacting, problem solving and being safe and legal online.

Baseline Skills - Productivity Software such as Microsoft Office and Google Suite (word processing, spreadsheets, presentation tools) and project management. Most jobs require these skills.

Specific Skills including:

  • Software & Programming
  • Computer & Networking Support
  • Data Analysis
  • Digital Design
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Machining & Manufacturing Technology

Have you considered sharing your skills and knowledge by working in a further education college?

Further Education colleges offer a range of job opportunities and need more people with skills and knowledge to help them to train young people and adults so they can progress successfully into jobs. With opportunities on a full time or part time basis, a lecturer, assessor or demonstrator role could be the job you never knew you wanted until now! Use the buttons below to explore current opportunities in your area

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In 2021 the occupations in the digital sector in Cheshire and Warrington with the highest proportion of job roles were:

  • Programmers and software development professionals
  • IT business analysts, architects and systems designers
  • IT user support technicians

Local Digital and Technology Apprenticeships

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Digital and Technology Learning Opportunities

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