Facts & Figures

45% employment growth
25,188 jobs in logistics & distribution in Cheshire and Warrington
17.8% of GVA in Cheshire & Warrington
£22,500 average salary
7,000+ number of jobs created by OMEGA over the last 3 years


Strategically located between Liverpool and Manchester and at the heart of the North West’s motorway network, Cheshire and Warrington has enhanced its reputation as a centre for Logistics and Distribution and its contribution to the local economy is growing.

In any industry goods need to be procured, stored and dispatched. Efficient and effective management of all these business functions is critical in the current business world. Delivering products and services at the right time and place, right cost, and at the right quantity and quality is at the heart of logistics and supply chain management.

Logistics is the management of the distribution of goods between A and B to meet customer and business needs.

From the clothes you're wearing to the phone in your hand, logistics has been responsible for those products reaching you on time, for the right price and in a decent condition.

The logistics sector is a major employer within the UK, employing approximately 1.8m people in various roles.

The average age of logistics workers is 48 years old, there's a huge need to attract more young people into the industry. This shortage of workers and the digital advancements being made in artificial intelligence and automation means there's lots of demand for you and your skills. Cheshire & Warrington is the perfect place to start.

Are you a naturally good fit for working in logistics?

Problem solving Taking the right approach to find solutions to any problems that come your way, even if you’ve never come across that problem before
Communication In logistics, you will always be working as part of a team
Self-management Managing yourself and your time productively
Organised and detail-oriented Supply chain management involves so many important details that must be reviewed carefully and planned for accordingly
Work calmly under pressure Supply chains don’t always function without a hitch – weather conditions, equipment failure, traffic. In a world where everything should have been delivered yesterday in the mind of the customer, you must be able to work in a stressful environment

Career Opportunities

Logistics is all about the distribution of goods around the world to businesses and customers using roads, rail, air and sea. Warehousing / storage involves the handling of goods until they are ready to be distributed.

However, logistics is more than just lorry drivers and warehousing.

Large logistics companies also recruit for roles in Human Resources, Finance, IT, Sales, Marketing, Communications and Business Administration roles.

Logistics is in demand by companies in every country, which means that if you develop a career in logistics, your career could take you all around the world; just like the goods you'd be responsible for transporting around the world.

Number of new employees needed:

  • Almost 18% of GVA
  • Almost 5% of employment 
  • Includes OMEGA which has created 7,000+ jobs and 3 million sq ft of floorspace over the last three years

Have you considered sharing your skills and knowledge by working in a further education college?

Further Education colleges offer a range of job opportunities and need more people with skills and knowledge to help them to train young people and adults so they can progress successfully into jobs. With opportunities on a full time or part time basis, a lecturer, assessor or demonstrator role could be the job you never knew you wanted until now! Use the buttons below to explore current opportunities in your area

Logistics and Distribution Jobs (these are a selection of jobs - click on 'View more jobs' to see more opportunities)

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Routes In

Most logistics jobs don't require formal training or degrees. Truck drivers, forklift drivers and warehouse operatives form part of the logistics team and are managed by managers and experienced people within logistics teams.

It is common to be promoted from an entry level job to a distribution or warehouse manager, or even up to managing director level, if you show enough initiative and are willing to take on more responsibilities. 

Useful subjects to consider:

Business: As Logistics relies on understanding the organisational goals and processes from such a wide range of businesses / industries, an understanding of how business processes work would be an advantage in a logistics career. There are also a lot of management opportunities in logistics and it requires an understanding of business processes to make sure goods are delivered securely and on time. 

Computer Science: As the logistics industry begins to automate more of the work being done, computer science will become more relevant. They'll need someone to programme those robots. 

Logistics: This would give the learner knowledge and understanding of the warehousing and logistics environment and would also accredit learners with manual handling and health and safety certificates.

Apprenticeships in Logistics

Logistics is a very good industry to ‚"learn on the job". Many people climb the career ladder within warehousing and logistics so it's perfect for Apprenticeships.

Recommended skill level for this sector:

The sector has a wide range of roles available which but for entry level you will need a Level 3 qualification and for a managerial role a Level 6 qualification a long with 5+ years of experience.

Local Logistics and Distribution Apprenticeships

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