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Assemblers and routine operatives n.e.c.

£17,160 Average salary at age 20
£25,480 Average Salary
44 Average hours per week


Jobholders in this unit group perform assembly and routine operative tasks not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 813: Assemblers and Routine Operatives.

Main Tasks

  • Follows instructions and drawings and positions components on work bench or in assembly machine;
  • Assembles prepared components in sequence by soldering, bolting, fastening, spot-welding, screwing, nailing, stapling, dipping and fastening using power and hand tools or assembly machine;
  • Rejects faulty assembly components, inspects finished article for faults, monitors assembly machine operation and reports any faults;
  • Applies enamel to jewellery and coats, lacquers, dips and touches up articles (other than ceramic);
  • Sets up and operates machines to apply colour to wallpaper and to coat articles (other than ceramic) with paint, cellulose or other protective/ decorative material;
  • Performs miscellaneous painting and coating tasks not elsewhere classified including, staining articles, applying transfers, operating french polishing machines, removing surplus enamel from components and marking design outlines on articles.


There are no formal academic entry requirements, though some employers may require GCSEs/S grades. Some employers may set dexterity and aptitude tests for entrants. Normal colour vision may be required for some posts. NVQs/SVQs at Levels 1, 2 and 3 are available in a variety of areas.

UK Prospects

33500 Workforce Size
10.03% Predicted decline 2022 - 2027
4902 Predicted Replacement 2022 - 2027

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